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Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping

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Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) discovers applications running on servers and network devices within the network infrastructure, and maps the dependencies between them. It aids in discovering, mapping, and is critical when considering Cloud migration.

Improve your factory’s efficiency

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Manufacturers are hit by big challenges, macro factors such as Brexit, Covid and supply issues, which effect the productivity of your factories. So all the more reason for better controls and monitoring of each step in the process to ensure maximised efficiency.

Data pipeline for Observability

What is Cribl Logstream

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The challenge of too much data is that alot of it is rubbish and needs to be deleted. The trouble is that Log Management solutions license their software on data volumes which is counter-intuitive.

SIEM solves IT

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Increasingly Businesses are turning to Cloud SIEM solutions which can converge different 3rd party Security solutions in a single integrated platform that displays alerts in real-time and provides a drill down to identify the culprit and act upon it.

Case Study – West Midlands Ambulance Service

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Sumo Logic for 3 key reasons:
It was very easy to deploy and then use within a few hours. Data could be forwarded into a central server and then encrypted to Sumo Logic. This made it secure and easy to install. It was also commercially advantageous. Xiaa Solutions were able to meet the budget.

The Proactive CISO

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A root question for Cyber Security implementation is what standards to follow and what
policies to implement.

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Accelerate B2B Sales

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Digital Marketing is becoming ever more critical in being able to accelerate your sales through, marketing, Branding, online searches, social media and email marketing.