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Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping

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The Requirement

As a critical part of any Cloud Migration Strategy is to understand what Applications you have and use the most and what IT Infrastructure resources they use. ICT Analytics have built some unique capabilities to discover and logically map applications and their dependencies and give you a clear accurate map. Detailed profiles of network dependencies between systems which can go down to the port and process level.

There are obvious client server type applications and then there are more complex ones that have back end databases, and webservers where caching and loadbalancing in software and headware add complexity.  Some also have WAN accelerators and other network devices  in the path of the application and the clients.  These users could be local but also remote, and latency as we know plays havoc with chatty LAN designed applications.

This information is critical to assess opportunities for migration to another datacentre or options for Cloud, and identify bandwidth requirements risks in terms of increased latency.

ADDM Benefits are clear:

Ability to drill down to port and process level – what process talks to what process:

Wide range of applications:

  • Change management dependencies and risk assessment.
  • Performance optimisation – e.g. VM Co-hosting.
  • Network optimisation.
  • Security.
  • Export relationships and dependencies into ServiceNow.
  • Migration planning – Datacentre consolidation; Cloud

If you would like to understand what the dependencies of your critical applications are and how you could ensure mimium disruption in any migration then feel free to chat with us on line here or:

contacts us on 0208 412 7107.

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