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Application Management
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Application Management

Application Dependency Mapping is critical when you are upgrading the infrastructure, moving to a cloud service or decommissioning an obsolete application.  We can provide a free consultation workshop to help manage your critical applications, and the service starts from as little at £1,500.

The following services are available:

  • Application Dependency Mapping
  • File and Storage analysis
  • Configuration Analysis

Application Dependency Mapping

ADM is aimed at identifying the devices, interconnectivity and information flows that form the basis of a deployed application in an ICT infrastructure. Once the data has been captured and uploaded, production of the maps is a semi-autonomous process. In a complex application environment, application maps are key to troubleshooting, migration, or decommissioning. Features include;

  • Discover infrastructure dependencies and data-flows for an application
  • Visualize an Application Map
  • Output in image or Visio formats
  • Assists the planning of migrations to new infrastructures or cloud
  • Uncover unknown dependencies
  • Critical for investigating faults and trouble tickets
App Mapping

File & Storage Analysis

Storage and Backup can require significant infrastructure and expenditure for larger organisations. File systems can hold terabytes of data and outsourced backup solutions can be expensive. Data files may be duplicated many times, unused data may be stored for extended amounts of time, or the backup strategy may not be optimal.

The Storage and Backup Analysis Service is aimed at analysing the data held in your file systems and looking for significant potential efficiencies. Benefits can include:

  • De-duplication of files. Some files may be duplicated 100’s of times.
  • Identify and archive unused and untouched files. Up to 30%+ of data may be stale.
  • Recommendation of better backup strategies, including compression, de-duplication and cost reduction. See also the Cost Reduction service for analysis of outsouced billing.