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Xiaa Solutions


About Us

Experience and expert team

Xiaa Solutions is a specialist Value Added Solution Provider with a small portfolio on leading software solutions to help tackle common issues in IT and IT Security.

Our staff have many years of experience in Application Performance, Systems Management and IT Security both from a commercial and technical perspective. We strive to offer unbiased advice on how to best implement what can be complex solutions, together with how to manage stretched budgets in a cost conscious environment.

Our experience with Vendors

Log and metric management: Splunk, Sumo Logic, Devo, Cloudstrike (Humio) and Cribl

APM: Dynatrace, Datadog, Splunk

IT Operations: Nagios, Splunk, Sumo Logic, Datadog

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Stop Hackers in their tracks.

At Xiaa we have many years experience in advising our clients on their cyber security risk exposure and offer services in all the following areas:

1. Analyse and discover where your critical data is held and do a GDPR risk assessment for data that is at risk if it was stolen and or exposed. 

2. Get the basics right by ensuring all patches are up to date, firewall access lists are up to date etc. Monitor your end to end IT Systems on a real-time basis and centralize the visibility using a SIEM. 

3. Limit access to critical data through process and security solutions. Using DLP, end point security, and encryption.

4. Minimize exposure in the event of an attack by limiting the reach of an attacker using micro segmentation.

5. Finally document all this and built an automated workflow attestation inline with Cybersecurity frameworks such as ISO27001.

Cloud SIEM from Sumo Logic

Cybersecurity expertise:

SIEM Security: Splunk, Sumo Logic, Exabeam

Cybersecurity: Clearswift, Forcepoint, McAfee, Guardicore, Cisco, Caveris, Rapidfire tools.

Data discovery: eSpyder, Exonar, veritas

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Help with complex web applications

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IT Outage nightmare
  • Your systems need to be 100% available, fast and reliable.  You need to monitor for faults and performance issues, commonly referred to as an Observability solution.

  • You need to look for any factors that may indicate a problem is brewing in real-time.  When there is an issue, its vital to have the tools to dig into the root cause so that you can remediate as soon as possible.

  • Our recommended approach for Observability is log, metric and tracing solutions for all aspects of your IT systems both on-premise and especially in the cloud.

  • We can help you make sure that you efficiently pre-process, compress, encrypt and route data to these solutions to save money and time.

  • We take an independent approach and recommend the best solution for your issue or problem.  We can implement and support your solution on an ongoing basis.

  • No problem is too big or small.  Feel free to chat by phone, or connect via our contact page.

Performance and Cost management

Save money

Big savings can be made in replacing infrastructure


  • Not only do IT budgets inexorably rise, but everyone is under pressure to reduce costs.

  • File storage and backup systems costs can be significant – we can analyze this for better implementation strategies and savings.

  • Capacity planning is about right sizing future systems – think cloud migration and the cost models that apply.  Blind lift and shift can lead to unexpected costs.

  • We can verify your current supplier invoices and check that they match against your actual consumption. We have found substantial 6-figure errors in this area, invariably in favour of the supplier…

  • Splunk (and other log management systems) licence costs continually rise as more data is ingested and more use cases are added. Cribl LogStream can play a significant role in both normalizing ingest data and cutting out extraneous/irrelevant values (such as null fields) which can easily lead to a 30% drop in ingest volumes.