Xiaa Solutions is software solutions specialist in helping companies and organisations with solutions that help to:

  • Monitor the performance and availability of applications and infrastructure through modern cloud native and on-premise software and solution Vendors.
  • Automate data acquisition for monitoring and application mapping into a CMDB.
  • Accurate understand application delivery and consumption requirements and apply Intelligent analytics to make key decisions:
    • What cloud infrastructure do you need to support the critical applications?
    • Understand if you are paying for infrastructure that you do not need.
    • Analyse Supplier invoices and over charges.

At Xiaa we have many years of experience selling high value solutions on a B2B basis. We offer Sales and Marketing services to Clients via Xiaa Digital

Xiaa are a registered supplier on the UK G-Cloud and can respond directly to Government requirements.





  • Upgrade your applications:
    • Improve the performance of your business and make it easier to manage.
    • Make the application cheaper to deliver, support and update.
    • Allow you to choose options on best fit cloud or on-premise infrastructure.
  • Identify areas where cost savings can be made.
  • Make sure you get what you pay for.
  • Automate security compliance audits:
    • Save time and money to comply.
    • Reduce risk of missed checks.

Solution Areas

Sumo Logic Cloud SaaS

Operational Intelligence

  • Continuous Intelligence Platform for DevSecOps
  • Log / Metric Analysis & Machine Learning Solution
  • Monitor, secure and troubleshoot your modern/cloud applications and infrastructures
  • Gain insights through advanced analytics platform powered by machine learning
  • Choice of On Prem and Cloud solutions or SaaS offering enables you to be up and running in minutes
  • Leverage the power of elastic cloud to scale infinitely with no lockout penalties
  • Drive business value, growth and competitive advantage
Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence 5 Best Practices for AWS Security

Sumo Logic Enterprise SIEM

Top Level Display

Cost Reduction & Performance

Infrastructure Consumption Analysis

  • Infrastructure discovery
  • CMDB buildout
  • File system analysis to reduce storage costs
  • Performance analysis and capacity planning
  • Right sizing
  • Major cost savings on large scale IT infrastructures
Cost Reduction Performance Analysis Storage & Backup Application Mapping

IOPS Portal

CMDB and Visualisation

eSpyder Data Discovery

Data Discovery for Security and GDPR

  • Data search and discovery solution to support GDPR processes
  • Find and report on sensitive data stored on both servers and client PCs
  • Locate duplicated and sensitive data that has spread across the infrastructure
  • A weapon for the Data Protection Officer to support enforcement of data policies
  • Minimize potential information leakage
The Overworked Data Protection Officer eSpyder Description

eSpyder Dashboard

SAR Requests

Caveris Cyber Security Solution

Security Compliance Monitoring (GRC)

  • Continuous tracking of Security compliance in line with ISO27001
  • Manual & automated attestation
  • Automated compliance checks
  • Make passing audits automatic
  • Reduce manpower requirements for security management
Caveris Datasheet Caveris Description

ISMS Implementation

ISO27001 Workflow

Cribl LogStream

Filter, Transform, and Route Log Data

  • Cribl LogStream, optimized for Splunk
  • Reduce data volumes to manage licence costs and/or avoid upgrades
  • Route data to, and replay from, low cost S3 Storage
  • Free up to 1TB/day ingest
Cribl Brochure Cribl Description

CRIBL Architecture

Source To Destination

Partner Sites


Xiaa Products

Xiaa Solutions Services

We offer the following types of service in conjunction with our Partners for products we represent:

  • Discussion & Discovery of Requirements
  • Demonstrations and Presentations
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Implementation Design and Planning
  • Implementation Support
  • 1st Line Operation Support
  • Project management

Please call to discuss your requirements.

In addition, We provide lead generation and sales consultancy services for other clients via Xiaa Digital


The Xiaa Solutions Team

Jason Phelps - CEO

Jason is the Founder of the Xiaa Solutions Ltd business and leads the X-mail and X-Sales practices. He has delivered positive outcomes for a number of partner clients such as Singlepoint, Devo, Sumo Logic and Moogsoft.

Prior to setting up Xiaa, he was EMEA Regional Sales Director for Riverbed (OPNET Technologies) and built the UKMEA team for Splunk the leading Big Data Company.

Simon Massey - Strategic Advisor

Simon has recently joined Xiaa to run the X-Plan and X-Score practices, having delivered Strategic Selling programs for start-up Technology companies in Big Data, Renewable Energy, Real Estate IOT, Digital Convenience Retail.

Prior to this, he held senior Global and EMEA Sales roles in a major BPO, Sutherland Global Services and a Big Data and SaaS company, Symphony RetailAI and as well as senior Marketing roles in Kraft Heinz, Unilever and PepsiCo.

Steve Wombell - CTO

Steve is the co-founder of the Xiaa Solutions Ltd business, leading X-mail product development and X-Score CRM customisation and automation.

Prior to joining Xiaa, he was Head of Technical Services for Riverbed (OPNET) including Consulting and Presales, and he has worked on major software project deliveries for Barclays and UOB.


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