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Observability for IT Operations

Log Management software technology to help you monitor and secure your IT infrastructure and critical business applications. We can help you maintain uptime, protect from data breaches and security hacks, and reduce IT costs. Cribl and Sumo Logic are 2 solutions in the log and data management space, but we would be pleased to offer unbiased advice relevent to your needs.

  • Cribl LogStream implements a best in class Observability Pipeline. This means it reads and observes log data from one or more sources, manipulates that data, and then routes it to one or more consumers (such as Splunk, Sumo, Cloudstrike and Devo). The manipulation can include parsing, enriching, transforming, filtering, redacting, encrypting, etc and occurs prior to the ingest of data into the downstream tool(s). Where the downstream tools (such as Splunk, Sumo, Devo, …) are priced on daily ingest volume, this can have a significant impact on licence costs.

  • Sumo Logic is a wholly SaaS based Log Management system to support DEVOPS in incident investigation, application reporting, and security workflows. A full SIEM is part of the product set to support SOC based activity. There is a flexible license model that enables most efficent use of data to avoid running out of capacity on the committed licence. 

  • For more details on either Sumo Logic or Cribl click the links below: