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Cost Reduction Service

This Service is aimed at inspecting significant costs in your ICT infrastructure and identifying whether these can be substantially reduced. Common sources of inefficient spend include:

  • Poorly configured backup and archiving systems. For example, stale data is never archived to tape and purged from the production systems, resulting in repeated backup of irrelevant data.
  • Payment for continued usage of a particular technology, but the use case for its deployment is no longer relevant. For example, WAN acceleration solutions may have been deployed in the past with a viable business case, but the application environment has changed and now most of the traffic over the accelerated links is dynamic HTML were the acceleration technology offers little benefit.
  • Inaccurate billing by outsource suppliers. It is generally assumed that the supplier will present an accurate bill, but it can be quite difficult to verify the amounts invoiced. We have found numerous cases where the bill is incorrect by substantial amounts (in the supplier’s favour) and provide empirical measurements so that these can be challenged by your Vendor Management team.

Cost Reduction Workflow