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Accelerate B2B Sales

The challenges for growing companies include lead generation, closing business, and sales management. At Xiaa Digital we have experience in the full sales lifecycle and have crafted a number of services to help you accelerate winning business. We would been pleased to hear from you today.

In addition, we perform direct sales activity for a number of Partners via Xiaa Solutions





Do you recognize any of these Challenges?

Lead Generation

Not able to generate enough qualified business leads for my sales team.

Losing Pitches

Selling features with little or no solution selling, account planning and winning value proposition skills.

Can't Predict Sales

Difficulty in tracking opportunities across the sales cycle and measuring sales performance.

CRM A Mess

CRM system is not customised to my business, not consistently used by the team.

Too Few Resources

Quickly need to follow up with generation and qualification, account management.


Xiaa Digital Solutions


Sales Account Planning

  • Account Planning and Solution Selling, processes and bespoke training
  • Account Assessment
  • Customised Value Propositions
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • Engagement Plan
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eMail and TeleMarketing Campaigns

  • In-house developed
  • Fast generation of qualified sales leads
  • Target profiling
  • Email templates development and Email address gathering
  • Fully automated campaign and reporting
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Sales Management

  • Sales structure, KPIs and incentives
  • Job profiles, descriptions for recruiters, interviews
  • Outsource sales support
  • Inside Sales (Leads)
  • Tech Pre-sales
  • Account Management
  • Leadership & mentoring
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Sales Performance

  • Sales performance measurement and management, predict future sales
  • Measuring opportunities across sales cycle
  • Weekly Sales Reporting (PDCA – Plan, Do, Check, Act)
  • Customisation of CRM system, automation
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Xiaa Products

Xiaa Digital Services

We are skilled in the marketing and sale of technology solutions and look to provide supplementary services to your existing capabilities. We are flexible in our approach and would look to agree the scope and deliverables during initial discussions.

Different clients want different services with emphasis on the areas where they identify most help is required. We would be pleased to craft services provision accordingly.

We offer a sales fulfilment service to Partners via Xiaa Solutions

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

We are please to assist in:

  • Lead generation
  • Direct marketing
  • Channel marketing
  • Sales training
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales management
  • Website design and build
  • CRM development and integration


The Xiaa Digital Team

Jason Phelps - CEO

Jason is the Founder of the Xiaa Digital business and leads the X-mail and X-Sales practices. He has delivered positive outcomes for a number of partner clients such as Singlepoint, Devo, Sumo Logic and Moogsoft.

Prior to setting up Xiaa Digital, he was EMEA Regional Sales Director for Riverbed (OPNET Technologies) and built the UKMEA team for Splunk the leading Big Data Company.

Simon Massey - Strategic Advisor

Simon has recently joined Xiaa Digital to run the X-Plan and X-Score practices, having delivered Strategic Selling programs for start-up Technology companies in Big Data, Renewable Energy, Real Estate IOT, Digital Convenience Retail.

Prior to this, he held senior Global and EMEA Sales roles in a major BPO, Sutherland Global Services and a Big Data and SaaS company, Symphony RetailAI and as well as senior Marketing roles in Kraft Heinz, Unilever and PepsiCo.

Steve Wombell - CTO

Steve is the co-founder of the Xiaa Digital business, leading X-mail product development and X-Score CRM customisation and automation.

Prior to joining Xiaa Digital, he was Head of Technical Services for Riverbed (OPNET) including Consulting and Presales, and he has worked on major software project deliveries for Barclays and UOB.


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