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Taffinder Consulting Summary

Paul Taffinder, PhD, is the founder and managing partner of Taffinder Consulting. Prior to this he was a partner at Accenture, the $12 billion consulting firm, where he was head of Organization and Change Strategy and had a global role in leading work on strategic change, top team effectiveness and leadership. A confidential advisor to some of the world’s most important corporations, he is equally at home in the boardroom and on the international conference circuit.

Dr. Taffinder has extensive experience in designing and executing large-scale change, linking the power of leadership and elite performance cultures to organizational purpose and strategy to create superior organizational performance.

Following a Master’s degree and PhD in organizational psychology – and what he describes as a ‘mercifully brief career in the mining industry’ – he turned his attention to the psychological driving forces that underlie the world of business, providing consulting help to organizations as diverse as ABN Amro, Axa PPP, BAe, Bank of Ireland, Barclays, BP, British Steel, Cazenove, CGNU, HBOS, Philips, Post Office Counters Ltd, Prudential, Reuters, Scottish Power, Spoornet, UBS Warburg.

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