Cloud Based Log Analytics

Sumologic Summary

Machine Data Analysis

You collect and analyze machine data in the cloud from your on-premise and cloud based applications. There is complete coverage for AWS, Azure and other cloud vendors. For example, with AWS:

Sumo AWS

Compared to other log analysis solutions, your Sumo instance is in the cloud and that infrastructure is managed by SumoLogic. You don't have to worry about running out of disk space, upgrading servers, physical server security etc, etc. SumoLogic flex the infrastructure as needed. Pricing is based on the volume of Log and Metric data ingested on a daily basis, but averaged over a one month period. So you do not have to size for intermittent volume spikes.

A free evaluation instance of the Sumo system is available to test if it meets your needs. Xiaa would be pleased to offer you support in your evaluation activities.